Fabulous Fridays: Give

A few weeks ago my son and I were stopped at a light waiting to turn towards home.  We have been there at that intersection at least 10 times in a weeks time.  I don’t know about you, but red lights mean close your eyes and rest until the light turns green and your kids yells at you to go or you get the courtesy honk from the person behind you who is going to a fire.  As soon as we stop my son starts scrounging around looking for something, then he says “mommy, roll down your window, I have it today!”  “You have what”, “I have my money and I want to give it to that girl who homeless.”  “Roll down the window!”  Apparently he has been trying to remember to bring his own money to give to this lady.  Here in our city the homeless are given a special newspaper(articles about the homeless) to sell on the street to help make money for themselves.  We reached the girl and handed her the money and got the newspaper.  My boy was so happy that he was finally able to give out of his own money and get his own newspaper.  Two minutes later, I catch him actually reading the paper.

Giving brings joy.  I want to challenge you this weekend to stop and give to someone.  You may not be in a place to give huge amounts of money but you can give of your time and efforts.  Give a plate of cookies to someone.  Take some flowers to a friend in the hospital, or keep a busy mom’s kids for a couple of hours.  Find a way to put aside your agenda for a bit and give of yourself to someone or a cause.

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