Be Wise and not Experienced (part 1)

Learning from your mistakes is a great way to gain wisdom.  Learning from other people’s mistakes is also a good way to obtain knowledge on what not to do.  Taking good advice, I think, is probably the best way to make wise choices. 

What exactly is Wisdom?  Wikipedia says that “Wisdom is a deep understanding and realization of people, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability to apply perceptions, judgements and actions in keeping with this understanding. It often requires control of one’s emotional reactions (the “passions“) so that universal principles, reason and knowledge prevail to determine one’s actions. Wisdom is also the comprehension of what is true coupled with optimum judgment as to action. ”  

Webster’s dictionary defines it as the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships INSIGHT;

Good sense: judgment;

A wise attitude, belief, or course of action.

I believe the key to being wise is all about the attitude.  You must first be humble enough to admit to the fact that you do not know everything and that there is so much to learn.  Seems odd that to be Wise you must first be humble, but it is true.  The other factor is that you must look for good sense, look for insight and comprehension.  If you want to learn about a certain field then you study it, you sit under someone who knows about what you want to learn. It is an attitude of always wanting to do it better, learning what not to do and taking good advice. 


 This phrase has been my “mantra” for many years now.  The whole concept of not making mistakes that cause you to be experienced is what I strive for, and hope for my children.  I want them to make good decisions and not suffer the consequences of bad choices.  Wisdom comes from being humble enough to learn what to do and doing just that.  Ask the questions, seek knowledge and advice. Then use it to keep yourself from going down the wrong path.  Being humble + seeking = Knowledge.  Knowledge + Actions = Wise choices.

Part 2 : Why not learn by experience?

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