What to do if…

your internet is down?  Life throws you some curves sometimes.  Although not having internet access is not a tragedy, it can cramp your style. 

I do want to apologize for being a bit absent these past few weeks.  Traveling and deaths in the family have kept me occupied and away from the computer.  But I am back and so far the internet is up and running.  

My son is away at camp this week and so I have/had big plans and huge projects on the docket.  All was going well until I hear this sound coming from …me.  Ahem, Ahem, Ahem.  I was feeling a bit tired too.  Oh noooooooo!  I cannot be sick.  Not when I have a week without my son and I can actually get some things done and do them without interruptions. What to do if you are feeling icky?  Put in a movie and get on the couch.  I am doing just that and awaiting a warm cup of soup from the mister and later my daughter will make me some of her favorite tea.   This tea is the best for a sore throat.   Being that my girl is a singer and likes to take care of her throat, she knows that this tea will soothe and heal a sore throat like no other tea can.  We highly recommend it.  So there you have it folks, my GOOD AND WISE tip for the day.  Throat coat tea. 

So send me all of your warm thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

One thought on “What to do if…

  1. So sorry you’ve been sick 😦 Chloe told me that your boy is playing in the worship band at Base camp and I think that’s so cool. Praying that you are much better…

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