On the Good Ship

Years ago I used to write for a parenting magazine and wrote an article about being thankful.  It is such a simple word yet so hard to really put into practice.  It should be done quickly and easily but somehow it just doesn’t happen.  The article was about teaching children to be grateful and thankful.  My daughter was in one of those seasons when she just wanted more and more.  Seems like we adults get into those phases quite often too.  My approach was to remind her of what she just received or of her recent outing.  This seemed to help her re-focus her mind to the good thing she had been given.  I would say “Did you enjoy your time with your friends at the park?”  “What a fun day that was.”   Sometimes with children you need to dog-gone spell it out!   “That was such a treat getting ice cream after dinner tonight, wasn’t it?” I voiced the positive and thus changed her perspective.  

  Use your words.  I love the power of words and how our words are rudders.  You can turn a situation into a great one by voicing the good.  Most memories are made when you are having a pleasant time.  You remember those times well.  You yearn for more of those moments. 

 Rudders turn the ship, words can turn the event to point to the positive. Remember that the opposite can happen and if you speak the negative then that is what you will see and believe.  When I am faced with an uphill climb or hear bad news I make a choice to see the silver lining.  Then I make another choice and use my words to say what is good.  Somehow it doesn’t seem true unless I speak it out loud.  I disguise my pep talk to myself from others by holding my cell phone up and pretend that I am on the phone. 🙂 Crazy, I know.  Whatever works for you, just do it.  Make your moves.  Be purposeful.  Point your ship.  Use your words.

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