Gloomy is still Fabulous on a Friday

I love warm weather and I especially love sunshiny days. And summer is my favorite season. But sometimes the weather does not cooperate and I get a gloomy day here and there.  What to do with gloomy days?  When those days come I try to remember that I need those days to make the other days stand out.  I  know that after the rain and clouds diminish that the sun is not far behind and I may even get a rainbow (or two).

What do you do with gloomy days?  I try to slow down and stay home if I can.  When I am home I read more, cook more and focus on family needs.  Sometimes you will find me sewing a button or mending a hem.  Then other times I am watching a family movie on the couch as the rain pours down outside.  Of course there are times when I must be out and about in terrible rain or storms.  But I try to make the best of it by playing upbeat music and putting on a smile (or two). 🙂 🙂

Here is what I cook. 

This is what I am reading these days.

And this is what I look for after the storm.


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