Thank God it’s Friday

Thankful for newness of life (called the weekend) that brings hope and fresh beginnings.  Have you been in a slump lately?  I know that I have been in a state of mourning and with that comes a sadness and life seems not as exciting as it once was.  But it is Friday.  There is something about Fridays that spark a fresh start because the work week is over and it is time to spend the next 2 days doing things that you want to do.  That is why I began Fabulous Fridays here, to celebrate life.  To bring awareness to the joy that is the weekend.  What will you do with your weekend?  How will you celebrate life with your family and friends?

This weekend I plan to really enjoy my time with my children.  To hug them just a little bit longer.  To look them in the eye when they speak to me.  To love my husband well.  To give him all of those extra hugs he needs(it is his love language) and wants.  To laugh with my daughter and spend time with her.  To make those calls to loved ones that live so far away.  I also plan to spend time with myself, doing what I love to do.  Even if it is just for a few stolen moments, I will do something just for myself.

Leave the housework, yard work and the TO DO LISTS behind and live the weekend!

One thought on “Thank God it’s Friday

  1. This weekend- I realize I’m a bit late here- we’ll have a friend of Chloe’s over for a slumber party and we’ll clean like mad because Amanda is coming home!!! I’m so excited. I will probably bake until I drop 🙂

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