Fabulous Friday: E for Effort

Every September I tell myself that I will not plant another garden that doesn’t flourish.  Meaning that I don’t want to be reminded that I can’t grow any vegetables.  I do okay with herbs and flower, but veggies, eh, not so much.  But then I find myself in the garden center again with a basket full of plants.   

This year, I am here to say that I am giving myself an E for effort.  The jury is still out on my tomato plants for this year but look at what has made it to the table.

My lettuce although small in portion was very tasty.  I was so excited to be eating something I grew all by myself.  And today I picked this broccoli floret for a small snack at lunch time.  This is all I have to show for my garden thus far but I think that I will choose to rejoice in this accomplishment.

Whatever you are up against in your life today, be it something that is not looking promising or giving you much hope, just stick to it.  Be happy about the effort you are putting in and don’t look at the results so much.  Sometimes my son’s soccer team loses and he is sad, but then I tell him that our goal here is participation, not winning.  Things seem to look better when you take the pressure off of the result and focus on the effort.    Do it all out and give yourself an E for effort!

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