Expand your little World


Mailing a package for my daughter today and tried to slip the box into the mail box(for big boxes) and realized it was stuck.  I tried several times to make it drop on the other side but to no avail.  I then saw a lady who asked me if it was stuck and I said yes.  So she took a double take at me to which I took as “wait here, I’m gonna get some help”. She entered the post office and headed for the clerk.  I thought “what a nice lady, she is going to tell them my package is stuck.”  I was just about to do that myself.  Just then I saw her drop off her postage-paid package and walk off to her car. Oh, ok. I was not expecting that response.  I read her all wrong.  I am not one to expect help from anyone but this incident made me realize how much we are all in our own little world and never stop to help or just let other’s know that we are all in this together.  Of course I have gone on my day before not caring about anyone but myself and my to- do list.  Just going about my merry way and doing what I need to get done before my head hits the pillow.  But I don’t feel good about it.  Unlike when my head hits the pillow and I know that I have helped someone. 

Take some time to see what is going on with your neighbor or the person in line next to you.  Offer to help carry groceries for a busy mom with her hands full.  Or help someone out at the office. Help them out with the kinks in the copier.  I mean really, do we really need to be in such a rush that we cannot spare a few seconds to lend a hand.  Allow that Spirit in you that has been place there by the Mighty Father to lead you today and mark your steps.

Please share with me some of the things you have done in the past where you have helped someone.  It does not go unnoticed.

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