Bringing the Bread Machine Back

I have had this crazy, painful tennis elbow, in both arms I might add, for sometime now.  Don’t know how I got this since I don’t play tennis.  But it makes it tough to knead any dough for my homemade pizza (will post recipe later).  As I was watching my favorite YOUTUBE gal Rachael ,she recently posted a video on how she makes her pizza dough in her bread machine. 

I was elated because that would solve my problem with not being able to knead the dough by hand.  So, I just had to go out and find a bread machine and try it.  So I went on a hunt to find a bread machine to my liking.  I found one at a Goodwill store for $6.99.  It still had the owner’s manual and recipe book.  I was so excited, that I called my friend and talked to her about it and she came over and bought one too.  Now I am busy reading my manual, it’s like having a new toy.

My one hesitation about bread machines was the size of this appliance.  It resembles a small refrigerator on your counters.   But I though, why does it have to be in my kitchen on the counter.  Why can’t it make its home in the laundry room?  I mean if I am using it for dough making then it won’t be a huge deal to pull out the bread pan fill it in the kitchen and then put it back to mix.  So that is my plan.  I will let you know how it goes.  Hopefully you will see a HUGE POST with pictures of my pizza dough & a new recipe called zesty pizza dough in the near future.

Do you have a bread machine?  If so, where do you keep it?

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