A Timely Event: My Memorable Easter Sunday

Most who know me in social settings know that I love to socialize and enjoy the company of lots of friends.  I love throwing parties and attending them as well.  I love it when our family gets invited to gatherings.  So it was very surprising to me and to my friend who invited us to Easter Sunday dinner, when I said “That is very kind but I think we will stay home this Easter.” I had explained to my friend that I was not sure why we wanted to stay home but that we just felt like we needed to stay home this year.  So we set out to enjoy a quiet day with just our little family and our tiny meal of


Green Bean Casserole

Potatoes Au Gratin (my daughter’s favorite)

Corn on the cob (my son’s favorite)


Sweet Tea

We kept saying how much we loved our quiet meal with just our family.  It was not a spectacular meal but the kids loved it. They raved on how delicious it was but mind you our daughter had been eating dorm/cafeteria food for weeks prior. After our meal we had planned to watch a movie and just hang out.

As soon as we were done with our meal the phone rang.  It was our good friend whom we normally see at the big Easter gathering we were missing this year.  She said, their son had accepted Jesus as his Savior last night and he wanted to be baptized today, Easter Sunday.  He really wants your family to be there, so of course we said yes. For whatever reason they had missed the big Easter gathering as well. We were all free to drop everything and witness this very special event.

Easter Sunday, Baptizing,

It was an exceptionally warm Easter this year, late in the year and unseasonably warm a local pool to an apartment complex was open for business. Actually, open for sun bathers not swimmers but we took this as a sign to go ahead with the baptism.

There among some young professionals, kids, family and friends our young friend was baptized. We were there to join in the celebration.

Sometimes we don’t know why we do the things we do. Both my husband and I felt like staying home but we didn’t know why. Like I said, it was totally out of character for me to not attend a huge gathering on a holiday. We didn’t know why we needed to be free to leave at a moments notice but we just did what we felt let to do that day.

I think next time I will not second guess myself.

When was the last time you did something out of character only to find out later the importance of your decision?

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