Mega Million Dollar Winner

This past weekend the whole country was buzzing about getting a ticket to the Mega Million

 dollar lottery.  Even our waitress that served our meal last Friday night was encouraging my

husband and I to get a ticket.  But alas we did not purchase a ticket.  We already feel like

 winners.  We live in the good U. S. of A.  

 We drink clean water everyday.  We have our health, access to modern medicine and

medications if we should need them.  We sleep on a mattress not on a cold floor (except when

I choose to go tent camping). We even have access to mental health services if we should ever

 need them.  We don’t have everything.  We don’t have state of the art media equipment in our

 home.  We don’t have brand new cars. We don’t have a pool in our back yard.  I don’t have all

the things I pin on Pinterest.  Halt! (This is where I would insert the sound of a screeching car

 coming to a stop.) 

 I could easily go into oblivion with my wants.  But what I choose to do is to

 focus on the fact that most, if not all, of my needs are being met.  I can look at the glass that I

 have and see it as half empty or look at the fact that I really have not a half full glass but,

 compared to much of the world’s population,  a FULL GLASS

I am already lucky and a Winner of Millions of Blessings.  Please share some of your blessings

 or needs that have been met.

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