Fabulous Friday: Permission to Flex

 Rosie the Riveter looks strong and efficient.  She is a “we can do it” kinda girl.  I am sure that the woman she represented didn’t always feel that way.  She represented American women who worked in factories during World War II.  They were in the factories because they had to stand in for the men who were in the war.  They were being flexible. 

 On a much, much smaller scale I had to be just that this week.  I had this “great” idea for a post this week that went down the tubes.  I tried to get it all to come together but it was just not meant to be this week.  I had some other things that were planned this week, like what I was going to prepare for dinner.  I had planned to grill out, since I bought a new grill this year, but that flopped too.  Dogs, kids, carpools, “quick errands” are just a few ingredients for things to not go as planned.   Sometimes you give it a try but it just is not in the cards.  I realized that life is just like that.  It just is.  None of us can escape the perils of mishaps and accidents of this life.  We are not perfect therefore our lives cannot be perfect.  But it is in how we conduct ourselves when these things happen that build our character and prepare us for the next disappointment.  So my “good & wise” advice to myself on this Fabulous Friday is to give myself permission to be flexible.  Sometimes my “good” ideas don’t work out and I need stay flexible.  What good does fretting do to my day?  If I say to myself, since I talk to myself a lot,  “just be flexible.”  Then a brightness comes over the whole mess and I can move past it and onto better things.  My Fabulous Friday will still be fabulous.  I want to remember to be flexible.  So give yourself permission to flex this weekend. Remember Rosie and how she was flexible.   What are some ways that you move past disappointments or mishaps?

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