Target, O my Target

I truly enjoy my trips to Target.  Correction, I truly enjoy my solo trips to Target.  I love the lights and the organized shelves.  Everything there is shiny and new, and all the products are all lined up in a row.  For some reason that excites me.  And somehow, that big red bullseye draws me there more often than I would care to admit. 

  I enter this store with two missions.  One is to stick to my list of needs ie.  toilet paper, shampoo, razors, or cleaning supplies.  I usually add to this list if I remember that I am out of toothpaste or whatnot.  Don’t think I have used the word Whatnot in years.  But it reminds me of my college roommate from Floydada, TX. she used this word a lot. 🙂 I try to take my coupon bag so I can get some good deals on the things that I need.

Mission two is my favorite.  I walk down the end, end caps (the ends of the aisles) to check out all of the CLEARANCE ITEMS!  I have found some great deals.  Last week I found an outdoor rug that was priced at $13.98 but then rang up at $5.98 at the register!  Love when that happens.  I usually do my Target shopping on Thursdays for two reasons.  That is when I can fly solo and all of the new merchandise is out and ready for the weekend. I don’t want to miss all of the new and shiny merchandise.  And usually all of the clearance has been marked down by then.  I have gotten some great deals in the past from swinging by each end cap and checking out all of the clearance items.  I have also used my coupons to get cosmetic make-up items that have been marked down and sometimes I get it for free.  I also bring along with me coupons that are Target store coupons, as well as manufacturers coupons.  Many times I have found that I can use both the Target coupon and the manufacturers coupon for a huge beyond huge savings.  Happiness!!!  You can find Target store coupons here

One bit of advice is that if you are not going to use the item then it is not a great bargain.   I would love to hear about your money saving tips at Target or any other store.

4 thoughts on “Target, O my Target

  1. I love going to our Super Target to check out all the clearance items too! I also love to walk the aisles and check out all the new home items. There is something about those little red clearance tags that really get me excited! One year we found jeans for the boys that were marked clearance for around 12 dollars but rang up 4.98! You can bet that we ran back and picked up a few more!

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