“Sunshine on my shoulders…”

“…makes me happy”.  The song by John Denver goes on to say that “it almost always makes him high.”  Well, that is how I feel about the sunshine.  It makes me happy and it almost always makes me feel better.  Not really sure about the “high” part.  I am not the person to ask about all of that.  But I do know that we need sunlight to feed our bodies.  Studies show that we need from 5 to 30 minutes of exposure to the skin (without sunscreen) two times every week. This gives you the recommended dose of vitamin D.  Anymore than that, please use precautions. 

I grew up in a home with lots of artificial lighting.  We seldom had the blinds open and the windows exposed.  But as a kid I lived outdoors until it was dark or until my mom called me to come in and get ready for bed.  Now I have to purposefully seek out the sunshine and fresh air.  Most of us work in an office, home office or in school for the peak of sunlight hours.   So it is a harder to spend time in the sun.  Whenever I am having a hard day, if I sit out in the sun for a few minutes, I am amazed at how much better I feel.  I also have a much better outlook on the situation.  Shedding light on the situation does wonders. 🙂

My challenge to you today is to seek it out if you have sunlight where you are today.  Sit in it during your lunch break, take a walk, sit on your porch at home.  Whatever you need to do today, take it outside if possible.  It will lift your spirits. 


One thought on ““Sunshine on my shoulders…”

  1. I love sunshine and sunflowers 🙂 My favorite thing is to be outside…so I wonder why I’m not out there more often? It’s possibly because my house is so darn close to my neighbor’s. That’s really common these days. I love taking the girls to the park though, we have so much fun walking, talking and picking flowers.

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