Fabulous Friday: Adornments

Adornments.  Who says that anymore?  What I really mean to say is BLING!  Jewelry!  Why is it that when I am getting ready to walk out the door, I stop and check to see if I am wearing my rings and earrings.  I seldom go anywhere without them.  I feel like I am not clothed if I run out of the house without them. 

Sometimes, like this week, when I am feeling kinda low I visit my favorite little shop and pick up a small piece of jewelry. (I don’t mean pearls or 14k gold jewelry, I mean fake jewelry.)  For some reason this makes me feel so special and pretty.  In the 80’s, yes I am that old, I wore some flashy stuff. 

 But now a small pair of hoops or small dangled earrings will do the trick. 

My favorite pair of earrings are ones that I purchased from an organization called 147 million.  They help orphans all over the world.   These earrings remind me that I am here to make a difference.  

 It’s Friday, so go out and buy yourself a new pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or ring.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money.  Check out Forever 21 or your local dollar store for fun to wear affordable jewelry.   What is your favorite piece of jewelry and why?

One thought on “Fabulous Friday: Adornments

  1. I bought a pair of earrings at Target a few years ago and I wear them everyday. They’ve gone from silver to bronze as the finish has worn off but they look vintage and sweet. I love them.

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