Texas Sheet Cake

I wonder if any of you were served Texas Sheet Cake in your school cafeterias.  On a square tray with sections, I was served rectangle pizza and a small serving of Texas Sheet cake. 

 It had been a long time since I tasted anything like what I had so many years ago.  But when I got married someone shared the recipe with me.  Since then I have made it several times.  It makes a lot.  Just imagine a cake that is made in a jelly roll pan.  I love to make it, when I know I will be having a huge gathering because it will feed the whole crowd.   In fact, I made it just last week and ended up giving some to my neighbor because we had so much left over.    Here is the link to a good version of Texas Sheet Cake.  This one is from the Pioneer Woman.  She’s good.  And she makes good food too.

What foods do you remember from your school days?

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