Fabulous Friday: Pampering

Take time to pamper yourself today.  Get ready for the weekend with a manicure or a fresh coat of nailpolish.  Whenever I heard the word pampering I would also hear (in my mind of course) the words costly or time-consuming.   I think it is because I had a picture in my mind of women lounging around a spa doing nothing and paying a lot of money for that experience. 

I now have a new outlook on pampering and thankful that pampering comes in several price ranges.  Years ago I stumbled upon Beauty schools that offer spa-like services.  Nails, facials and pedicures are just some of the services that are performed by students at a beauty school for less than half the cost.  Or spend a few bucks on a new color of nail polish and do your own manicure at home.  (click on manicure for a great step by step to a home manicure.)

Pampering is an important element for feeling feminine and feeling good about ourselves.  I think it energizes us to go on and face the world while looking fabulous.  Can you tell I love the word fabulous?  What will you do to pamper yourself ?  Have a Fabulous Friday!

One thought on “Fabulous Friday: Pampering

  1. Hmmm, I can’t even remember that last time I had a manicure but I’m sure we still lived in Florida. The beauty school isn’t far from here, I should check it out.

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