Traditions: Fabulous Friday

I love traditions because they truly make the memory.  Take for example the tradition of letting your kids open one gift on Christmas Eve.  They know, and you know that it will be a new pair of PJ’s, but it is still so much fun.  Even when it all goes a wry ( like last year when the PJ’s didn’t fit) the tradition still makes a memory. 

We thrive on patterns, we enjoy the excitement and the anticipation it brings of recreating something fun.  Sometimes the silliest things make the best traditions, like our pilgrimage to THE DOG.  When we are all together, our family likes to eat at a certain hot dog place.  It is not fancy or expensive, just fun.  I know that years from now, our kids will talk about going to The Dog and things that were said and done while we were there.

Traditions help people connect.   I think that the main ingredient for making a simple event or act a tradition lies in how you present it and remember it.  I make a point to talk about how wonderful our event was and that next time we will enjoy it even more than the last time.  Like a binding on a book, traditions hold the family close together.

  Traditions are not just for those winter holidays, they are for anytime you want to make a special memory.  Go out and make a new tradition today.   Share a tradition you have made with your family.

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