Boys like Jesus


When I see my son, who is 10, I see a small tender boy who is just this side of a juvenile delinquent.  I am exaggerating a bit, but he does have a mind that is always at work, to get his way or figure out how to do what he wants to do. I can timeline my life by his cuts, bruises and falls.  Sometimes, I grit my teeth and brace myself because I have no idea what he will do next.  All of these qualities do not make for a sane mother. Sometimes I believe I am holding on by a thread. Yet, there are days when that thread is really a tether back to his heart.  He has passion, stamina, endurance and an unconditional love for those around him.  The last one is what keeps me sane.

I am reminded of another boy who had passion and stamina.  One whose mind was always at work to show his way. Jesus as a boy was of one mind, His (the father’s) mind. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to please his earthly mother, but when he strayed from their caravan in Jerusalem, for the Feast of Passover, he had a one track mind. (Luke 2:43)  He had to preach at the temple. I believe it was a burning desire in Jesus to preach His Father’s word that day.  He had to do it. Most boys believe they have to do something. It is a God-given quality that I have yet to truly understand. 

I find it so fascinating that when his mother found Jesus in the temple that she said what all mothers say. ” don’t you know, we were worried sick about you.” (excuse my stressed out mom paraphrasing), “We have been looking for you for 3 stinking days”.  I can just imagine that she was a bit put out, to say the least.  And what does the young 12-year-old Jesus say in response?  He says what every boy would (and does) say, “Why were you looking for me, I was right here.  Doing what I am supposed(want) to be doing.” 

He did not even address his mother’s frustrations. Interesting. They didn’t understand his answers.  Sounds so familiar to me. He was made to follow his passions, to endure and to triumph. My young son is also made that way.  He (my son) is created with passion, endurance and a desire to conquer. God created these quality in him for a huge purpose.  I love this quote that says “A little boy is the only thing God can use to make a man”–unknown.  

“…but his mother kept all these things in her heart.”  I can relate to Mary. And so this is where I am. I am a mother who ponders these things in my heart. My heart, like Mary’s, is connected to His. I am a mother of a wonderful boy whose heart has been set in motion by his Creator. He is a boy like Jesus.

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