Hugging on Fabulous Friday

When I think of my daughter, I think about her hugs.  She loves to hug.  She thrives on getting in your personal space. It is part of her personality and we like that about her.  And thus we give big hugs in our home.  There are all kinds of hugs, side hugs, bear hugs, family hugs, girlfriend hugs, acquaintance hugs, long-lost friend hugs, and the list is endless.  There are even how to hug websites.

Hugging is also good for your health.  Studies have shown that when we hug, we increase our levels of oxytocin.  Oxytocin is our feel-good hormone.  It is also known as our “bonding hormone” because when it is released, it causes a “bonding” or “caring” response.   Studies show that “a daily dose of oxytocin from hugging can help prevent heart disease because as the oxytocin levels in our blood increase, our blood pressure drops.”  Wow, those are some great benefits.

When I have traveled to different parts of our world, I notice how little we (Americans) touch and interact with each other.  I love that our friends to the south (Mexico) hug and kiss everyday and each time they meet.  It is normal to them.  During my first trip there, I felt so reserved and cold when I found myself awkwardly trying to shake hands. But it didn’t bother them, they just pulled my arm and gave me a quick hug and peck on each cheek.  I wish we could bring some of that  to the states.

So do some hugging, and maybe even some cheek kissing on this Fabulous Friday.

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