Fabulous Friday: Talent Show

As I head out to my son’s talent show at school, I am reminded of how everyone has  a talent to express.  Be it cooking, playing a musical instrument, photography, playing a sport or being able to save money on groceries for your family.  As many people as we have on this planet, that is how many talents there are as well.  My friend and I were discussing this just a few days ago and she mentioned that “everyone has a talent and no one talent is the same as the other.  It is God-given and it is our purpose in life to let it show and shine.” 

If you are unaware of your talents I urge you to ask a friend or a spouse?  What do you love to do or what experience do you find fulfilling?  Are you sharing those talents with the world around you?  If not , do it today.


 Share that recipe, sing that song, help others with their couponing, play the violin, and enjoy the experience.  Dont’ be shy about your talent. 

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?” -Benjamin Franklin

What is your talent and how will you express it on this Fabulous Friday?

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