Living in Color or Vanilla?

Silver, browns, light pinks, soft greens,cream colors and light blues are the colors I am attracted to most when it comes to home decor.  Many times when I see something white or cream-colored I grab it because I know it will go with something in my house. 

I don’t know why I gravitate to these colors.  Maybe it is because I know that everything will go well with what I already have at home.  Maybe it is simple, plain, and peaceful.  Maybe I play it safe and stick with neutralsGosh I hate that word. 

 I do know that I like the things I buy.  I seldom return things, but I seldom buy things. I wonder if there is a support group for people like me?

Even though I choose plain vanilla for most of my decorating, there are a few things that are not vanilla.  That would be the artwork and paintings that are sprinkled on my walls.  Splashes of vibrant colors fill each piece and come alive amidst the white palate of my home.  So maybe, just maybe I choose vanilla to let my paintings shine.

Living in Color!

I love that someone took lots of time, put their heart and soul into these paintings.   

And now I am enjoying them in my home. 

 What are the colors in your home?   Are they your favorite colors?

2 thoughts on “Living in Color or Vanilla?

  1. My favorite color is green but you’ll find very little of it in my house. You will find lots and lots of blues and turquoise though. And although I love citrus colored things I just can’t seem to find a place for it anywhere.

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