on my nightstand

I wish I could tell you that my nightstand looks like the one in a Better Homes and Garden magazine.  I try, but I also live my life near my nightstand.  I tell myself that their nightstand didn’t look like that before the photo shoot.

On my nightstand I have a box of tissue (I have a cold), notepad & pens, a pair of scissors, shea butter lotion for my dry hands, and lots of books. 

 I love to read.  I am not a slow reader, but not a fast one either.  But when I hear people say that they are fast readers all I hear is “I have lots of time to read.”  or “I make time to read, even if I have to stay up late and feel groggy the next day.”  The stars have to align over my house for me to get a few moments alone and sometimes I choose to read when that happens.   

What I am reading now:

Flying High  by Stowe Shockey and Calvin LeHew.

Future Men by Douglas Wilson

Pursuit of Holiness   by Jerry Bridges

and my bible & Jesus Calling.

What is on your nightstand?  Those whose nightstand look like something from Better Homes and Garden need not comment.  Thank you.


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