Love Worthy

We all like to throw around the word L-o-v-e.   These four letters carry so much weight yet many times mean so little.  I do it too, I say I love something that is not deserving.  I am quick to spit the word out as if

Like these boots.  I love boots for this season.  Brown boots, black riding boots, and soft, furry Ugg-like boots.   They are not worthy of the word.

I love pizza.  The sauce, the cheese, the thin crust and the toppings entice me every time.  Only a few love me back.  I really love that anytime, any season, any day of the week my wonderboy and his friends are willing to eat pizza for a snack or meal.  Yummy but not worthy of the word.

I love all things that organize my life and make it easier to function.  Sometimes I get  a bit carried away with buying stuff that’s supposed to organize my life but instead they clutter my home.  These are not worthy of the word.

I could go on and on with things, however good, that just don’t measure up.  I will still throw the word around without really thinking of it’s worth, because sometimes there just isn’t another word with gusto. 

There are few things that are worthy of the word.  What comes to mind is my family, friends and God.  He is the one who created Love.  He is Love.  ” We love because He first loved us” 1 John 4:19.

This verse is written on the inside of my mister’s wedding band.  We love.

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