Man eating Chicken

My little wonderboy who is 10 almost 11 shared a skit idea with me for his school’s talent show.  The setting is a carnival and he is selling tickets to see a Man eating Chicken.  He comes out with a picture of a very large chicken, with the chicken eating the top of a man’s head.  Thus, man eating chicken.   Everyone buys a ticket to see this huge chicken eating a man.   Drum roll please.  Out walks a man tearing into a piece of chicken.  Man eating chicken!  Ha!  

 Just a bit of humor to begin to tell you how chicken can help you in your menu planning and in saving you money. 

Years ago when we I was a newlywed our food budget was tiny.  I mean tiny.  I would only buy two kinds of meat, ground beef and a whole chicken.  Both very versatile and not too pricey.  I would stretch these two until the next payday.  Making them appealing all week long was my challenge.

Here is my meal plan for a whole chicken. 

Roast a chicken with salt and pepper.  Add a little butter to the skin if you want it to be crispy. Keep a few pieces for the first meal and debone the rest.  If you have a large family I suggest roasting two whole chickens.  You can also start with two rotiesserie chickens from the store.  Here are just a few meals you can make with your whole chickens.

Meal #1 Roast chicken , rice and green beans with crusty bread

Meal #2   Chicken Enchiladas, green salad with avacado

Meal #3  Chicken soup with rice or noodles.

Meal #4 Chicken curry( curry sauce in a jar or package in the international section) served over basmati rice, sliced cucumbers and pitas

Meal #5 Chicken nachos

Meal #6 White Bean Chicken chili

Meal #7 Homemade Chicken Pot Pie (my favorite to make and freeze for later)

Meal #8 BBQ Chicken ( take your favorite pieces and pour some of your favorite sauce over them and warm up in the microwave) potato salad and cornbread

Meal #9 Chicken Quesadillas with blackbeans, salsa and chips

Meal #10  ????

Please send me your ideas for meal #10

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