Fabulous Friday

I love the month of February.  In my mind it is the month of Love and all things Pink!  I adore the color pink.  Today for Fabulous Friday, I am going to treat myself with the changing of the purses.  I love purses and for some reason switching to a different purse, especially a pink one, makes my day fun.  I usually carry a brown or black purse depending on my outfit, but in February I break out the PINK bags.  I own two pink purses, one is dark pink, (like fuchsia pink) and the other is just pink, both of which I bought at a consignment store.   

There is something about wearing the color pink, it is feminine and it seems to give everyone a happy glow.   I will be wearing all of my pinks, fuchsia pinks, pastel pinks and purple clothing this month.  If I tire of the pinks then I will wear black with loud pink accessories including my Pink Purse.

How will you make your Friday Fabulous?

4 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday

  1. Love the pink purse. I carry a red one with almost anything in the fall/winter and an apple green one in the spring/summer. I love color!

    I’m taking the kids to a friend’s house and Travis and I are going on a date 🙂 That’s fabulous!

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