…the mother of invention

I am in the middle of a 3 day fast.  It is not a true fast, where one eats nothing, but a fast of my own creation.  I thought about doing the popular Daniel fast http://daniel-fast.com/, where you eat a mostly vegan diet, but I am no Daniel.  My “fast” is mostly a fast from fast-foods.  I have been on a huge downward spiral with my eating since I was pregnant with my last baby.  My baby is almost 11 now. Hello!  I feel like we are all in a circle and I need to say “Hi, I’m addicted to fast-food.  My drug of choice is anything fried”. 

So what have I been eating?  I have been juicing and eating very little but very healthy foods.  I mostly juice in the mornings and eat very light meals made up of mostly fruits and vegetables.   Mind you this is only a 3 day fast.  Last night was tricky because I was making dinner for my 11 year old son who says he is hungry about 20 times a day and means it.   “Necessity is the mother of invention” so I made cheese quesadillas for the wonderboy and soft tacos from corn tortillas stuffed with grilled onions and  yellow peppers, chili powder, sea salt, and black beans.  I topped them with  fresh guacamole.  We also had steamed brown rice with fresh  homemade salsa.   I wish I had taken a picture of these but I was soooooo hungry that I scarfed them up before I could take the picture.  Here is a picture of the same type of tacos.    

  I will add these to my repertoire of healthy meals.  Next time I will add some zucchini and corn to these tacos.  Check back and I will let you know how I am doing after my 3 day fast is over.

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