How is your Fabulous Friday?

Fridays.  A day to wrap up the week but also to celebrate that its the WEEKEND!

I added a little extra special treat for myself today.  I made a yummy breakfast taquito.   These are so easy to make.  Basically, it’s scrambled eggs with whatever you want to add to it.  Today, as a treat, I added leftover bacon and some cheese.   But my absolute favorite taquito has potatoes and eggs.  Make them with skillet fries or a bag of Simply Potatoes and add some salsa.   Stick it all in a warm tortilla and there you have it.

How did you make your Friday Fabulous?

One thought on “How is your Fabulous Friday?

  1. I’m just on the other side of a cold that I had for 2 1/2 weeks. I’d only been going to events that I really needed to be at so I had a bad case of cabin fever. The girls and I skipped school and drove to Spring Hill to run errands and shop. It may not sound like much but we had a great time.

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