Fabulous Fridays

In my quest to appreciate life’s little gems, I will be highlighting Fridays.  I absolutely love Fridays.  It is a day that is the start of great things to come.  The weekend is one, but more importantly, it is the start of stepping out of the tight & mundane schedule.  It is time for family, friends, church, shopping, and sleeping in, just to name of few.  I love that hubby and I stop and say “so what do you want to do this weekend?”   It kind of gives us a clean slate and we get to choose what to put on it.   Even if we have a list of things that need to get done over the weekend, it’s still the weekend!  So let’s savor and enjoy!

“Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.”—  unknown

I love this quote because I usually don’t have everything done by Friday.  I fight the pull to carry over all those things to my weekend.  “Stop.  Don’t do it.  Enjoy your time, your home, your sleep, and your family”, I say to myself.    To help me out  I have posted a picture of a wonderful place my hubby and I came across on an afternoon bike ride.  So I hope that you all will enjoy this Fabulous Friday and the weekend.  Let me know what made it Fabulous for you.


3 thoughts on “Fabulous Fridays

  1. Where is this lake? I’m from Lakeland originally and as you might guess there are a lot of lakes in my hometown. That’s one thing that I miss a lot…plus there are no alligators in Tennessee lakes 🙂

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