5 Tips for Surviving Pinterest

 I must confess, I am hooked on Pinterest.  For now, I view it all as really fun EYE CANDY!  But what do I do with it all?  I personally have to watch myself with this sort of thing because I could easily fall into the “my house looks like crap” and “I have nothing to wear” pit of despair.  So I have come up with 5 survival tips to help me navigate through Pinterest. 

1.Pin outfits with clothes that are similar to what you already own.  Just use it to pull things together and make an outfit.  Or see that your outfit may need a red purse to make it complete.  

2. Pin styles of decor similar to what you have now.  Look for furniture or pieces to add to, not something that will change the whole entire look of your room.  Maybe a lamp or mirror that you can look for at your nearby thrift store. Try to stay away from kitchens and rooms that would be impossible to accomplish in your current home.  Trust me. It could get out of hand.  

3.  Pin places that you plan to visit.  Try to stay away from pictures of pretty people in amazing places on vacations!    

 4. Pace yourself, delete, add and come up with your own list and stick to it as you develop your  own boards.  Pinterest can easily become like that huge pile of magazine pages “torn out for later use”.

  5. Use it to follow your friends and family member’s likes and dislikes.  It is a great way to find the perfect gift for them. I was able to buy the exact OPI nail polish color for my daughter for Christmas.


 Hope this helps you. I hope that Pinterest becomes a wonderful springboard for those of you who have great ideas.  Share it on Pinterest for the world to see.  Keep checking in and I’ll let you know how I am doing.  Let me know how Pinterest has helped you.

3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Surviving Pinterest

  1. I haven’t checked out pinterest yet…maybe I should. I keep hearing about it on facebook. I found your blog on Blogelina (you commented on one of my posts – thanks!).

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